Saturday, December 1, 2012

The truth about this working mom.

So, I read a lot of blogs. Many of those blogs are awesome "mommy blogs" with a ton of amazing advice on raising children of all ages. My favorites, of course, and the ones ill read again & again, are the ones that are a little more truthful about the ups & downs of parenting. Usually, they have to be funny too, for me to become a dedicated (when I have time) reader. I've noticed the last year or so how awesome I am at making excuses &, while I know this needs to change, I can only read a mommy blogposts about organization or memorization of bible verses with your young children or whipping up prepared dinners every Sunday to freeze for the week or any other task that is so absolutely brilliant & wonderful that it makes me want to go crawl under a table & never come out. Or at least cry. I aspire to be a Supermom & that will never change, but selective blog-reading, at this time in my life, is necessary for my self-esteem & sanity

Maybe there are more moms like this out there? Maybe you need a pick-me-up like I have so many times needed. This could be that for you. This single photo is an honest, raw look into my life as a working mom. This is how I cope with a toddler at work when I allowed him to talk me into not making him go to school because he went to bed so late the night before because of parenting techniques that would horrify the Super Nanny. I believe this (barely) four year-old when he says this time will be different at work. He "pinky promises" he'll leave me alone to work in the office. Because I'm in such a protected & focused state of self-preservation, I see this for the brilliant use of resources that it actually is. I see the office supplies saved from complete destruction. I feel the sigh of relief he's not in the same room with me for a few minutes talking so incessantly I want to shoot myself. I see one less tantrum - actually two (his & mine)! I hear his giggling replace another episode of Backyardigans. I see bullets dodged. Maybe if you squint or stand on one leg or read the news first, you'll be able to see it too?


Beth Smith said...

You are an awesome mom. You do the most important things - love your kids, discipline your kids. Don't let all those "supermoms" bring you down. Working and raising kids is hard, very hard.
Check out Lysa TerKeurst. She is a working mom with 5 older kids who is trying to love the Lord. She makes me laugh and keeps it real. She has a phone app too.
Love you. Hang in there.

melissa schuck said...

I'm sorry, but this is flat out funny. And you're a better mom for having a sense of humor about it. I'd take a ride in that box too if I could.

jordanb said...

Thanks, Beth! I'll check her out. Love people that keep it real:) you're always such an encouragement! And have beautiful daughters that lessen my worries about raising teenagers:)

jordanb said...

Yes. Thank God I can laugh!